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A new focus.
A new mission.
A new way to church.

Our church has a long history as part of the Central Village community. However, while the message of God's love remains the same as when the doors first opened in 1845, ministry today doesn't look the same. In fact, it has changed drastically in just the past decade. Attendence at almost all churches has declined due to busy schedules, loss of faith in church and civic leaders, and many other reasons too numerous to list.

Our congregation decided that if we wanted to survive we would have to approach our ministry from a new direction - a New Beginnings. We went through an extensive evaluation and have embarked on a mission-oriented path. Currently, we are exploring the many needs and options for outreach in our area and beyond.

Our small congregation is energized and excited to reach out into the community and we hope the community will reach back to us and help us follow the path that God will choose for us. We invite everyone who knows of particular needs or who would like to help us in our new venture to contact us. Perhaps you have a small group that is looking in the same direction? Perhaps you don't have time for church on Sunday but you feel a calling to touch the lives of others as Jesus taught us. Perhaps you have a skill that you'd like to offer? Sometimes just reaching out in a new direction leads to a wonderful new experience.

We pray that our numbers grow, but even if they don't we want to use our resources to make a difference in Central Village, Plainfield, Sterling and beyond. God is with us! Won't you join us too!